Earth Friendly, 100% Recycleable Artificial Thatch

Why Choose Art Thatch?

Art Thatch® sells the most affordable and environmentally responsible synthetic thatch roofing on the market. We've created our Zulu Reed™ and Baja Palm™ polypropylene based artificial thatch so it's not only economical but also the most attractive copy of nature possible.

With PVC's toxic lifecycle posing a risk to both human health and sensitive marine environments, many decision makers in the travel, building, hospitality, and entertainment industries are switching to healthier and renewable plastic products like Polypropylene (PP).

Quick Facts about Art Thatch® Artificial Thatch versus the Alternatives

Here’s a brief look at the cost advantage and environmental impact of switching to Art Thatch™.

PP vs PVC vs Natural Thatch Table

Health & Environmental Advantages of Polypropylene Thatch

Artificial Thatch.com knows the concerns that the hospitality, landscaping, interior design, building, wildlife conservation, theme park, and entertainment industries have about PVC plastic thatch. That's why we offer Art Thatch®, an environmentally responsible synthetic roof thatching manufactured from Polypropylene (PP).

Not only is our Polypropylene synthetic roof thatching 100% renewable and biodegradable, it contains none of the toxic heavy metals found in PVC. This means the water run off from roofs using our synthetic thatch is harmless to plants, animals, water supplies, and sensitive marine environments.

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Art Thatch® Synthetic Thatch is Recyclable & Renewable

Polypropylene is one of the most neutral plastics out there. It contains no heavy metals and releases no toxic chemicals during the thatch product's lifecycle. This means that disposing of this artificial thatch when it comes time is both easy and environmentally responsible; it can be recycled or put in a landfill to safely biodegrade.

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Art Thatch® Synthetic Thatch Roofing is Affordable

We've source our Art Thatch™ artificial thatching to be economical as well as environmental. This allows tropical marinas, theme parks, resorts, landscapers, and builders to conserve their wallet and their valuable environments.

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