Earth Friendly, 100% Recycleable Artificial Thatch

Art Thatch™ Zulu Reed

Art Thatch™ addresses the demand for safe and sustainable synthetic cape reed thatching with a long life and optimal realism. Our Zulu Reedartificial thatch panels are filled with exotic golds, warm chocolate browns and rustic tans; all the natural colors of traditional reed roofs. We simulate nature as closely as possible so you can protect it while maintaining the enduring tradition of reed thatch roofing.

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Zulu Reed™ is made of safe and renewable polypropylene and lasts for over 20 years, much longer than traditional natural reed thatching. Our premium synthetic reed thatch replicates the natural reed structure and movement of traditional reed thatching. Flexible yet strong banding allows the artificial African reed panels to shift and adjust to almost any roof design.

Compare the advantages of synthetic Zulu Umbrella Reed™ to traditional natural and other materials.

Easy Installation

Our African style Umbrella Reed and Top Cones are designed to work perfectly with our Umbrella Kits for no fuss installation. Simply snap the built in clips on our Zulu Reed™ artificial thatch panels onto the individual metal rings of our umbrella canopy frame.

Zulu Umbrella Reed™ panels can also be installed on any existing solid or open beam roof design. Consult one of our experts by phone for details on these various installation applications.

Affordable and Attractive

The marginal price difference between Zulu Reed™ panels and natural reed thatching is more than made up for in the long term by the cost savings in maintenance and replacement. The highest quality natural reed thatch only lasts up to 7 years, based on climate conditions. Compare to Art Thatch® imitation reed thatching, which has a sustainable life beyond 20 years in all climates; more than double the life of its natural reed counterpart.

Zulu Reed™ synthetic thatch is filled with the natural colors and warm shades found in the natural settings native to Africa, Europe, and Asia. Art Thatch® simulates nature as closely as possible to fill the demand for a realistic artificial thatch that’s identical to the reed used to create traditional thatched roofs.

Safe and Sustainable

Art Thatch® synthetic thatching is made of Polypropylene (PP), which is one of the most chemically neutral and safe plastics. This means the runoff from roofs thatched with Zulu Reed™ is safe for sensitive water tables and marine environments. It also doesn't pose a risk to human health. Our artificial thatch is also sustainable and 100% renewable, as well as being recyclable and biodegradable.

Compare to PVC plastic thatch, which has a toxic lifecycle and complicated disposal.

Warrantied and Fire Rated

This provides an important value on your thatch roofing investment. Art Thatch® is impervious to moisture and the damage that insects, birds, and snakes do to traditional natural materials. That's one of the significant advantages of faux reed thatching over its counterpart.

We offer our Zulu Reed™ artificial thatch product as both Class A fire rated and non-fire rated. This provides a large savings over natural thatch which is flammable by nature and can cost up to $3 a square foot to be fire retarded.

Art Thatch® also has UV protection, making it resistant to sun fading. Making sure that your artificial African reed thatch stays realistic and beautiful for an extended period beyond natural thatch products.

Roofing Calculator

When deciding how much Zulu Reed™ your project will require several critical calculations to determine the proper number of thatching panels needed based on slope, pitch, roof design, hips, and ridge lengths. Consult one of our experts by phone [link to contact page] to determine exact number of reed panels necessary for your thatch roofing project.

Applications for Zulu Reed™ Thatch Panels

Whether you’re creating a tropical paradise or covering a traditional African rondavel, Art Thatch® answers the demand for a realistic and sustainable synthetic thatching product. Great for custom thatched structures like tiki bars, huts, palapas, gazebos, and more. Use on the beach or in the mountains, at your resort or around a pool, on a deck or in a restaurant.