Earth Friendly, 100% Recycleable Artificial Thatch

Palm Thatch

Art Thatch® Baja Palm and Virothatch™ Java Palm are two synthetic palm thatches currently being sold on www.artificialthatch.com. These two items are both 100% recyclable products and will last a long time compared to natural palm thatch. Baja Palm is create from polypropylene(PP) which gives it more flexibility hence having more natural looks when using it in your desire application. VirothatchJava Palm is made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) strong and sturdy. The most important aspects of these two artificial thatch is that they will withstand most weather climates, will not fade in color, and  will last for many years compared to natural palm thatch. Click on the images below for products offered in each style. 

Art Thatch™ Baja Palm details
Virothatch™ Java Palm details