Earth Friendly, 100% Recycleable Artificial Thatch

About Us

Bringing a Modern Touch to a Tropical Tradition

Art Thatch® was created by industry veteran Backyard X-Scapes to address the demand for sustainable synthetic thatching with a long life and optimal realism. We've been providing ultra high quality commercial grade thatch for over a decade. Our established company sells Art Thatch® in both Class A fire rated and non-fire rated artificial thatching materials. We supply artificial thatch products to the theming, hospitality, interior designers, landscape industry, zoos, parks, aquariums, attractions, and production studios.

We focus on supplying commercial grade synthetic thatch products at an affordable price.

Customers receive better savings with prices 30%-60% less than our equivalent competitors.

Art Thatch® roofing products, Zulu Reed™ and Baja Palm™, are available in several install-friendly formats for installation both outside and in. Perfect for outdoor applications like covering the roofs of palapas, gazebos, tiki bars, cabanas, umbrellas, huts, and other thatched structures. They're also ideal for indoor installation in both residential and commercial interiors.

Green and Environmentally Responsible

Our synthetic thatch materials are 100% renewable and are made of safe and eco-responsible Polypropylene (PP) that, unlike PVC plastic thatch, is non-toxic. Water runoff is safe for maintaining the health of sensitive water tables and marine ecosystems. We've simulated nature so you can protect it.

We're not merely satisfied with bringing a realistically beautiful yet safe and environmentally friendly synthetic thatch to market. Art Thatch® also seeks to honor the aesthetic of traditional materials with our imitation palm and reed thatch products, Zulu Reed™ and Baja Palm™.

Palm thatch has an enduring tropical tradition throughout the world; stretching from the American coast to the beaches of Latin America, the Caribbean islands, and the South Pacific. Reed thatching has been used by ancient and modern cultures throughout Africa and Europe to roof everything from African rondavels and English cottages to the modern palapas and thatched structures of resort hotels.

Compare the advantages of Art Thatch® to traditional natural materials and PVC plastic thatch.

Art Thatch® provides the perfect synthetic thatch roofing products for eco-responsible companies looking to maintain traditional aesthetics while seeking affordable and sustainable development solutions.